5 Best PEX Expansion Tools for PEX Plumbing (Guide)

As people are becoming more aware, they are commonly choosing PEX as the first choice towards home renovation and plumbing. Initially, the material specifically had an application in Radiant floor heating systems and gas pipelines. However, today almost half of the world meets their plumbing requirements with PEX. The prevalent material is highly durable and more versatile than copper. It eliminates several issues that would have otherwise occurred in the case of using metal-based plumbing material.

The first and the most common reason for choosing PEX remains its resistance against rusting. It also remains unaffected against high temperatures and regular wear and tear. All the people who have already installed PEX know how easy it is to install it. Your plumber would never deny the task. The highly flexible material is very convenient and safe against expensive installation charges. Moreover, it is easily bendable, which again makes it a safe choice for professionals who do not have many ideas regarding metal-based pipeline installations.

In this article, we have brought a couple of tools that you may need during the installation of PEX. None of the tools are complicated and work with all the simplicity possible. The available fittings simplify the process of plumbing and also provide more durability to the material. We have listed a total of five important tools that you must choose for PEX installation and expansion.

5 Best PEX Expansion Tools for PEX Plumbing (June 2022)

Milwaukee M12 Propex Expansion Tool

The leading power tool brand has been serving customers for more than 10 years. The premium quality PEX expansion products can be purchased from Milwaukee always. As a matter of fact, you should not mind going for the M12 Pro PEX expansion tool kit that has a number of items collected together in one box. This is a perfect option for undertaking electric installations. You will be able to do the task very quickly and more professionally this way.

The company sends the toolkit box in red color. It has expansion heads, extended tools, Lithium-ion battery grease, and a battery charger. Everything is assembled very well and organized in a better way than you can expect. Needless to mention, the toolkit box can be carried from one place to another conveniently without damaging a single part.

Milwaukee 2432-22 comes with an ergonomic design so that there is no discomfort in operating the tool. It also comes with LED light and a Paddle Trigger so that you can manage the task of PEX extension in the dark areas. The ergonomic design ensures special safety measures to avoid slipping up of any tool while using and working. The expander tool is helpful in extending types that have a range of ⅜ to 1-inch. In other words, it is fit to be used for both commercial and household purposes. The expansion heads can be chosen from different brands, but the mechanism needs to be selected specifically by Milwaukee. It means the process of expansion must be undertaken using the toolkit only. The toolkit has a number of items to add perfection to the task of plumbing. You get a pack of grease and an expansion cone. There are batteries that can be recharged.


1. The ergonomic design is suitable for little space is having minimal availability of lighting arrangement
2. The metal-based tools are highly durable and reliable
3. The auto-rotate mechanism delivers complete expansion
4. The entire tool kit comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries

DEWALT 20V MAX PEX Expander Tool

The most preferred choice by the homeowners and plumbers together, DEWALT 20v Max is an exceptional tool that can facilitate your plumbing needs in a worry-free manner. There are expansion heads available in multiple sizes to fit in the types of different ranges. The expansion heads function seamlessly, and you can additionally insert a fitting. The electric PEX extensor just takes 20 volts to function. You do not have to plug the device in the power socket, and it specifically runs on a battery. In other words, it uses indirect electricity, which makes it even better than the rest. The grip is designed in such a way that you can easily clutch the PEX extensor in order to work in enclosed spaces.

A single press of a trigger activates the tool, and you can use it single-handedly. The product also has an ergonomic handle which is again beneficial so that you do not feel the discomfort of any type. In case you need to operate the product in a place with little lighting, the DEWALT 20v Max PEX expander tool is a perfect option that helps you to do things very clearly.


1. The standalone PEX expansion tool is just perfect for expansion need in Uponor, DEWALT, and Milwaukee
2. Multiple expansion heads help in multiple applications
3. You can use the product safely in an area where there is minimal availability of electricity and light
4. Works cordlessly
5. PEX prevent slipping and delivers complete comfort

IWISS PEX Expansion Tool Kit

IWISS PEX expansion kit is one of the best options that deliver value for money and comes with premium quality at the same time. The single kit has a total of 3 expansion heads along with a manual tool and grease.

An instruction manual is absent, but it is manageable with the simple functionality of the tools. The lightweight expansion tool kit is made up of an alloy that is convenient to pick and help manage various types of plumbing tasks.

The handles are provided with cushioned grip so that you can firmly hold them to execute all your projects. Stop worrying about the fitting required to be inserted within the PEX pipe. The multi-sized expansion heads are perfect for all types of plumbing needs. No matter whether it is about managing a shower faucet or simply a potable water system, the tool kit can let you do all the tasks in a matter of minutes.

IWISS works perfectly with almost any brand of PEX installation. It provides the best performance and needs to apply grease in the expansion cone.


1. Perfect for PEX pipe that belongs to any size and brand.
2. Watertight sealing
3. Cushioned handles
4. Lightweight tool kit allows easy utility

ZELCAN 11pc Tube Expander Tool Kit

Have you decided to execute the PEX piping task manually? If yes, you must make up your mind to select the ZELCAN 11 PC tube expanded toolkit that has everything needed. Instead of investing money in different varieties of plumbing elements, you can purchase just a single kit to meet the requirements. The deburring tool comes with expansion heads of different types and a chamfering tool.

All the components are perfectly packed so that they do not face any discrepancies while reaching from one place to another. They are suitable for heavy-duty tasks and are completely versatile. The set of tools not only helps you to expand the PEX plumbing system but also provides a lot of convenience during the installation.

You must be very careful while selecting the head of the pipes because that is what is useful in getting a proper seal. The tube expander is highly useful and can handle much less than you can imagine. It has a super-duper grip that prevents slipping and lets on hold the tube comfortably.

The task of chamfering and deburring are also possible using the same Toolkit. In case there are any rough surfaces that exist within the pipe, they can be eliminated and made perfectly smooth with the help of different equipment available. There is no question of any hurdle arising during that task of pipeline installation at all.

Another most versatile PEX tool available in the entire package includes the cutting tool. Not only is it helpful in cutting PEX pipelines but it can also manage soft metal pipes very well. It has a built-in blade to clean away sharp edges perfectly. You do not have to panic as soon as the cutting wheel loses its sharpness because it is absolutely replaceable. You can get the blades in the market without any hassles at all.


1. Elongated lever grip for better comfort and easy operations
2. Perfect for cutting PEX Pipe and soft metals
3. Deburring and chamfering tools can easily help in smoothening up the Rough edges of the metal pipe. This improves the installation and makes the process easier.
4. The study storage allows the convenient carrying of tools

Yescom PEX Expansion Tool Kit

The manual toolkit perfectly fits the budget of every homeowner and user. The amazing plumbing tool kit has all the required items for PEX installation and expansion. It consists of manual tools, including a small tube of grease and 3 expansion heads.

You can find all the items well packed in a convenient storage case. The beginners do not have to worry about anything because there is an attached instruction manual to simplify everything better. You just need to connect your smartphone to the Internet in order to find out the required details and functionality of the tool kit.

Manual toolkits are no doubt more effective and easy to install in comparison to the electric expansion PEX toolkits. All the handles are comfortable to grip and allow proper leverage to manage the plumbing task very easily.

The available expansion heads are in different sizes so that you can manage both commercial and household PEX extension tasks. The moment you use the tool for expansion, everything becomes watertight and lasts for several years.

Make sure that you do not forget to apply The grease to the expansion cone.


1. Long and comfortable Handles for easy grip
2. Comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to follow and understand
3. The grease makes expansion tasks smoother
4. The same tool kit can be used for the aluminum pipes that come with a plastic coating on top.

How can you choose the correct PEX Expansion Tool for House Plumbing?

For homeowners who do not have an idea regarding the availability and workability of the PEX tools, we have got a short guide so that you know how to make the correct choice. Your final decision can make your plumbing task all the more concrete and error-free.

Extension head

Different types of extension tips can easily make things work. Expansion heads, a.k.a extension tips, are suitable for managing various tasks for which the pipe has been installed. You just need to check out the size of the head while placing an order for a PEX head.

Manual and electric

PEX expansion tools are available in both electric and Manual categories. The manual-based tools, most of the time, have a long handle having an expansion head. The user needs to push it back and forth by hand to create space for expansion.

You must remember that the manual expansion tool requires labor, and it has no cord connecting to the power supply. No doubt it is a cheaper option as compared to the electric tool, but it also involves plenty of hassle.

Discussing the electric-based PEX expansion tool, it is easily operable with the help of the electric motor built within the tool itself. You do not have to apply a manual force and face Hassles of any type. Just a press of a button would quickly make the tool function. It is easier to operate and slightly expensive in nature.

The final decision to choose an electric or manual-based PEX expansion tool is completely based on your personal needs and budget. Make a correct choice so that you do not have to regret it later in any case.

Tool composition

You cannot randomly select any tool because it requires heavy investment and proper task management. The manual tools majority of the time, have a long handle so that you can have a better grip and avoid incidences of slipping. You must ensure that the grip of the tool should be so comfortable that you can hold it for long without causing discomfort to your hands. Also, you should be able to Comfortably push the handle as required.

The electric-based expansion tools should also be considered for their comfortable grip because you have to reach out hard places in order to execute a variety of plumbing tasks.


When you are in the search of the best PEX expansion tool, you should not mind considering the sturdiness at all. It should come in a proper case that can be easily carried from one place to another so that the tool is not damaged before or after placement. The box should be so strong that it must be able to tolerate random fallouts and accidents.


The higher the quality of the PEX expansion tool, the more stronger and versatile it would be. You must not bother purchasing a fragile PEX expansion tool because you need it to last for a number of years. Make sure that it is heavy-duty and stronger than the PEX pipe that exists in your home. It should be completely resistant against corrosion and functional in wet areas.

Tool weight

The overall weight of the tool should not be so heavy that it might put a lot of strain on your muscles. With the latest inventions and advancements in technology, you can easily come across PEX extension tools that are good in quality yet lightweight. You must select a PEX expander that is perfect in weight quality and functionality.

Extra accessories

You will always get a deburring tool, grease, and a tube cutter as some essential items, along with the PEX expansion tool. The number of extra accessories completely depends on the type of tool you have selected. Make sure that whatever set you have purchased has all the necessary items so that you can comfortably carry out the task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do you need an expander for PEX?

PEX expander is used to enhance the diameter of the pipeline in case the fitting cannot be directly put into the existing PEX pipe.

Is it possible to extend the PEX pipe more than once?

Yes. You can extend the PEX pipeline any number of times as long as you have the correct fittings and techniques to do the needful.

How could I use the manual PEX expansion tool effectively?

1. Grease the tip of the expansion tool.
2. Attach the expansion head that matches the size of the pipeline and fit it properly
3. Slide the expansion ring within the PEX pipe to the extent possible.
4. Give a push to the handle in order to expand the diameter of the pipe. Create jaws this way.
5. Insert the required fitting after removing the expansion head so that the pipeline gets back to the original shape.

Wrapping It Up

Only relevant PEX expansion tools make it possible to manage the complex task of pipeline extension. No matter what the requirements are, the toolkits are always there to resolve the problems and deliver longevity and quality to the task done.

Personally, I would prefer Milwaukee 2432-22 M12 tool as it passes all standards in quality and performance. Also, if you are looking for a tool that is handy and powerful at the same time, then you must go with Milwaukee M12.

Hopefully, you will be able to now extend your pipeline by using the correct type of fitting and toolkit after reading the article!

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